It’s one of those things in life that is hard to forget. It’s soft, warm, attached to a cute little nose, ears,face…aaahhhh. puppy belly.

And how does one make sure the puppy doesn’t mind showing you his or her belly. Why training of course!

Let’s be real that many pups don’t like to be flipped on to their back and then have people descend, hover, poke and pet. It’s a vulnerable position and one could argue physically uncomfortable.

But here is a picture of doing it the right way.
1 – lots of support under the dog’s body
2 – use some yummy treats to keep it actively positive
3 – keep it brief and enjoyable for the dog, we don’t want them squirming and fighting the whole way!
4 – talk sweetly to your pup
5 – place them on the floor and release gently

Share a pic of your puppy’s belly, it will make the world a happier place!