Training & Behavior Modification

Our most popular training service.

Private training allows for you and your dog to be the entire focus of the customized program. Your dog’s behavior, environment and home life are all taken into consideration when developing your lesson plan.

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Private Training Registration

We start all new clients with an initial session. This is our chance to meet you, observe and meet your dog and begin training. Most of our clients meet with us more than once to build on skills and see progress over time.

KissAble Canine Training also supports clients from all over the country with online training and behavior consults.

Session Prices start at :

  • In person initial session – $225.00/90 mins
  • In person follow-up session – starting at $120/60 mins

To sign-up for private, in-home, training we need your general location and your availability to send you a registration link with your custom appointment time.
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Further customize your private training with these speciality services:

The Reactive Dog

Reactive Dog services are for owners looking for help with their dog:

  • Barking and lunging at other dogs
  • Pulling hard at the end of the leash to get at other dogs or people
  • Snapping at strangers that try to pet him
  • Aggressing towards people or dogs that are not threatening them

KissAble Canine has a special approach to working with reactive dogs. We begin all programs with an initial session where a trainer (or in certain cases two trainers) will come to assess the dog’s reactivity. We’ll discuss our observations and findings with you and discuss the next steps.

Reactive behaviors are symptoms of a deeper issue. We use techniques that build your dog’s focus on you while not reacting to his triggers. Our goal is to give you the tools to use when working with your reactive dog in a variety of environments.

Baby on the Way!

A great program for parents expecting a new baby. KissAble Canine meets with you and your dog(s) to help develop the necessary management and training needed to adjust your dog to the new member of the family. We go through realistic approaches to making the family safe and happy. A trainer will work with you to recommend the best package. EmailĀ

Standard training package rates apply.