Canine-Assisted Interventions & Therapy

Dogs helping people

KissAble Canine Training & Behavior partners with KC Clinical Solutions to provide canine-assisted, therapeutic programs for the community.

Our goal is to bring a creative solution to wellness and health needs that differ from traditional therapy methods. Our program is goal-oriented and innovatively designed by both a seasoned therapist and canine behavior specialist.

Gryff during Camp Paws and Pals

Are you looking for canine-assisted therapies for your self or family member? We would love to hear from you.

Read below for programs open for registration:

Current Programs:

Social Skill for Kids: Canine-Assisted

Does your middle schooler struggle with:

  • focus, impulse control, managing emotions or engaging in positive social interactions?
  • Have you tried traditional social skills groups?
  • Does your child resist traditional therapy?

We have designed a program that is highly experiential in nature and involves observing and interacting with selected dogs. This 4-week program will allow kids to practice important social skills and develop confidence while having fun in a safe environment. All sessions will involve active participation under the guidance of a professional animal trainer and a licensed therapist.

Week 1: Observing behavior and reading non-verbal cues
Week 2: Setting realistic goals and accepting mistakes
Week 3: Identifying and assessing options for problem solving
Week 4: Practicing patience and persistence

Class Details
Cost: $340.00
Start date: March 15, 2019
Time: 4:30-5:30p
Location: 7950 Woodruff Court, Springfield, VA 22151

For a free phone screening prior to registration, please call Heather Kirby, LCSW, at 703-409-2571 or Email us .