Canine-Assisted Interventions & Therapy

Dogs helping people

KissAble Canine Training & Behavior partners with licensed and experienced mental health professionals to provide to provide canine-assisted, therapeutic programs for the community.

Our goal is to bring a creative solution to wellness and health needs that differ from traditional therapy methods. Our program is goal-oriented and innovatively designed by both a seasoned therapist and canine behavior specialist.

Gryff during Camp Paws and Pals

Are you looking for canine-assisted therapies for your self or family member? We would love to hear from you.

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Current Programs:

Canine-Assisted Self-Harm Reduction Group

Do you have a teen that is prone to self-injurious behaviors when they are overwhelmed?

Do you have a family dog that your teen connects with?

Does your teen have an interest in exploring how their dog can become an integral part of their mental wellness plan?

The therapy group is designed for teens, 15-17, who are prone to self-harming when distressed.  Working with a licensed clinical therapist from KC Clinical Solutions, a dog behavior specialist/trainer and their own dog, teens will… 

  • Explore their own triggers of self-harm behavior
  • Develop various skills for distress tolerance 
  • Recognize the powerful ways their dog can be a source of comfort and support in challenging times
  • Learn fun ways to engage with their dog for managing distress without self-harming

The support of parents or guardians is critical in helping teens find healthy ways to manage intense feelings. Prior to the start of the teen group, we will schedule an in-home private session with each client to ensure that: 

  • parents and their teen have a shared language and understanding of the dynamics behind self-harming behavior 
  • Parents and their teen are in agreement on the goals for reducing this behavior and how the family dog will support that goal.

Each client will also receive one additional private family session to: 

  • Address any individual family concerns
  • Fortify the role of the parent/guardian in supporting the teen in times of distress
  • Assess how the family dog is responding to their role in the harm reduction plan 
  • Offer any supports that may be needed to optimize program results

Cost: $1,240.00, includes 2 private consults and 8 group sessions

Date: Group meetings begin Wed, Oct 16, 2019 – meeting weekly each Wednesdays through Dec 18th

Time: 5:30p-6:30p

Location: 7950 Woodruff Court, Unit 1, Springfield, VA, 22151 (training classroom within the Vet Holistic Center)


Happy to answer any questions at 703-574-3383 ext 2 or email

Integrative & Holistic Approach to Wellness – Relax, Rejuvenate and Reconnect

Do you need to give your brain a break or want to see how to expand your mental strength?

Are you looking for natural ways to give care to your body and re-charge?

Do want to explore new methods of wellness?

This retreat is hosted by January Project Counseling Services. Participants will engage in a series of physical, mental and emotional exercises, including:

  • Interactive group work
  • Art therapy
  • Physical exercise
  • Reiki
  • Chiropractic Therapy presentation
  • Canine assisted activity 

Email Alexandra Herrera at for any questions or to register here: Wellness Retreat