Canine-Assisted Interventions for Human and Animal Wellness

W.I.L.D – Wags In Learning & Doing

Is your organization ready to go W.I.L.D?

We are proud to share that we have services that specifically support the human-animal bond. This isn’t about obedience or tricks. This program is an approach to canine-assisted interactions (CAI) that involve a trained and sound dog, a skilled handler, and the individual or group so that meaningful connections are made in playful and creative ways.

  • Canine-Assisted MentoringĀ in partnership with schools or other youth-focused organizations. These are 30-40 minute visits that support the young person or group through guided interaction with a dog so that the mentee is feels seen, heard and empowered.

  • Wag Workshop bring the fun and a de-stressing experience with a wagging tail. Learn a new trick or new knowledge about how to read dog behavior, to safely interact with dog or build a new brain game puzzle for your pet.

Licensed Providers:

  • Canine-Assisted Therapy in collaboration with a licensed clinician or counselor. The goal for this service is to bring a creative experience to your client while supporting the identified treatment goals. Our program is goal-oriented and uniquely designed by both the provider and canine behavior specialist.


Therapy Dog Consultation group

next meeting: June 3rd, Monday, 2p-3p, via Online

The Therapy Dog Consultation group is a creative space to explore canine-assisted intervention ideas, share your own cases and support one another in what can often times be very solo work. Facilitated by Lisa Tudor. Register here: Therapy Dog Registration Form

Gryff during Camp Paws and Pals

Are you looking for canine-assisted interactions for your self or family member? We would love to hear from you.