Canine-Assisted Interventions for Human and Animal Wellness

Human and Animal connection

KissAble Canine Training & Behavior has always focused on the relationship between the human and animal. We are proud to share that we have services that specifically support that connection. This isn’t about obedience or tricks. The human and animal connection is well researched that both beings can come together for mutual benefit.

Human and Animal Wellness Services include:

  • Canine-Assisted Learning


  • Canine-Assisted Therapy in collaboration with your licensed clinician or counselor. The goal for this service is to bring a creative solution to wellness and health needs that may differ and support other therapy methods. Our program is goal-oriented and innovatively designed by both a seasoned therapist and canine behavior specialist.


  • Wag visit bring the fun and a de-stressing experience with a wagging tail. Traditionally, referred to as a pet therapy visit.


Gryff during Camp Paws and Pals

Are you looking for canine-assisted interactions for your self or family member? We would love to hear from you.