Your dog will love you for this dogsicle recipe that will help him keep cool in the hot, muggy DC weather. All dogsicles must be supervised and removed when necessary.




  • Large plastic container (about 4 times larger than dog’s mouth)
  • Water
  • Low/No sodium chicken broth Small dog treats/kibble
  • non-stick spray
  • Dry dog food, or other bits of tasty treats


Spray a non-stick cooking spray into the bottom of the container. Place small edible treats/kibble in or favorite rubber toy (optional).


Fill your container with 50% water/50% low/no sodium chicken broth.


Place in the freezer. Remove when completely frozen. Pop out dogsicle in the yard or patio and let your dog enjoy a cool, frozen treat.


Optional Fun – Connect a piece of cotton rope (or use a dog’s tug toy) and freeze just one end of the rope inside the water.

When it freezes, you can hang the dogsicle from a sturdy tree limb. Your dog can have a fun, frozen tug game. When the dogsicle melts, it will release from the rope.

This recipe can be altered to include your dog’s favorite ball or toy.

As with all new toys, please supervise your dog’s play.

Do you have a version you want to share?