Dogsicles Recipe

Your dog will love you for this dogsicle recipe that will help him keep cool in the hot, muggy DC weather. All dogsicles must be supervised and removed when necessary. Ingredients Large plastic container (about 4 times larger than dog's mouth) Water Low/No sodium chicken broth Small dog treats/kibble non-stick spray Dry dog food, or [...]

Neutering & Behavior: the Classroom Response

Every once in a while, during class instruction we get a question that usually requires time, thought and even a thorough discussion about who/what/when/why the dog parent is asking. However, when we are in the middle of teaching a group class, it's a challenge to give a proper answer. So this series of posts will be [...]

How to feed your dog

Three quick and different ways to feed your dog. Ditch the bowl and feed your dog like the opportunistic, scavengers that they are! Have a cool way that you feed your dog? Don't hesitate to share.    

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Puppy Belly

It's one of those things in life that is hard to forget. It's soft, warm, attached to a cute little nose, ears,face...aaahhhh. puppy belly. And how does one make sure the puppy doesn't mind showing you his or her belly. Why training of course! Let's be real that many pups don't like to be flipped [...]

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