Did Sheldon Cooper get it wrong?

I am a late adopter of Big Bang Theory. I mean why haven't I been watching this show for years? The upside? I have years of reruns to watch in the middle of the night or at odd times. If I stumble upon the show there is a good chance I haven't seen the episode. I happen [...]

What is the best breed?

Is one of the first questions I get asked when a family is looking to bring a dog home. The short answer: It's less about type of dog but how the dog behaves in and around your family, environment and lifestyle. Sure, I can sterotype a bunch of breed-types but I also have plenty of  experiences that [...]

How to feed your dog

Three quick and different ways to feed your dog. Ditch the bowl and feed your dog like the opportunistic, scavengers that they are! Have a cool way that you feed your dog? Don't hesitate to share.    

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One of my biggest fears

When on a stroll with my toddler around the neighborhood I always fear that an off-leash dog will approach and is not friendly. I've had off-leash dogs approach us on walks and both dogs were friendly. Phew! Then I see this video! cat saves boy and I think.. that's one of my biggest fears. And I [...]

“I make my dog sit when other dogs go by”

I hear this often and by often I would say 90% of the families that I work with have asked their dog to sit while other dogs (kids, people, strollers, mailman, trucks, etc...) go by. So what's the big deal with it? Umm, just about everything. Let's look at the whole picture. Let's say we [...]

Puppy Belly

It's one of those things in life that is hard to forget. It's soft, warm, attached to a cute little nose, ears,face...aaahhhh. puppy belly. And how does one make sure the puppy doesn't mind showing you his or her belly. Why training of course! Let's be real that many pups don't like to be flipped [...]

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