Feeling creatures that think

I was heading to the library when I heard on a favorite podcast the discussion about the order of  these three things: thoughts behaviors feelings Oh the coincidence as I was returning a library book I had just finished that had this EXACT theme. The trio has different opinions based on the way they believed [...]

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Horsey-side of a dog trainer

  Lately, I had the great fortune of continuing some of my training in behavior with horses. I audited a Shawna Karrasch clinic (go here now and find one to attend, you will not be disappointed! https://shawnakarrasch.com/) I rode and competed as a child in dressage and jumping. My family even had a horse named [...]

KissAble Canine goes coastal

Hello KissAble Canine Friends and Family, I have big news to share with all of you. We have been hunkered down for most of the pandemic (like most of you), focusing on all the changes within our family: temporarily closing, homeschooling and decreasing risk for vulnerable family members. Within the quiet chaos of this past [...]

Opening back up, with a but…

KissAble Canine Training & Behavior Reopens KissAble Canine is excited to be opening back up. We are currently working with past clients and a small number of new clients. Please reach out to us if you would like to be scheduled to meet with Lisa at KissAble Canine. Additionally, Lisa will be moving early summer [...]

Support to our Clients

KissAble Canine has decided to postpone in-person dog training and behavior services. We considered current public health conditions and the personal service we provide to our clients, in group lessons and in private sessions. We value our clients, their families and their pets and we feel this decision reflects that. You will be the first [...]

We are hiring trainers!

KissAble Canine has openings for two trainer positions. Our trainers are highly educated and have a passion for learning and practicing the art and science of canine behavior. They enjoy working with people and are educators at heart. We don't take ourselves too seriously, but seriously love delivering great service to our training clients. You [...]

How do you train a dog to behave at a kids’ sporting event?  

As a trainer, I often get this question from my clients with children.  Is it ok to bring my puppy to the soccer game?  When he’s there all he does is jump on people and try to nip them and it’s hard to manage.  Should I just keep bringing him until he grows out of [...]

Did Sheldon Cooper get it wrong?

I am a late adopter of Big Bang Theory. I mean why haven't I been watching this show for years? The upside? I have years of reruns to watch in the middle of the night or at odd times. If I stumble upon the show there is a good chance I haven't seen the episode. I happen [...]

What is the best breed?

Is one of the first questions I get asked when a family is looking to bring a dog home. The short answer: It's less about type of dog but how the dog behaves in and around your family, environment and lifestyle. Sure, I can sterotype a bunch of breed-types but I also have plenty of  experiences that [...]

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