Thank you to my dog, Betty, who will quickly run to me after a poop  because a little got stuck and I have to pull the rest out.

Thank you neighbor for muzzling your dog on your walk for reasons I can only guess but your dog will drop from heat stroke walking  in a soft, cloth muzzle in 99F  heat.

Thank you client for allowing me to come to your house to train your dog, I don’t mind that you have a heinous illness.

Thank you little puppy for demonstrating so much confidence, chutzpah and cohones in under 8 weeks of age. Your family is so lucky.

Thank you delivery guy for showing so much confidence, chutzpah and cohones when said 8 week old puppy charged you and you dove into your truck.

What Thank You Cards do you need to write? We want to hear.


In honor of Thank You Cards by Jimmy Fallon