Training & Behavior Supplies

Welcome to our page of favorite products and recommended training supplies. If it’s on this list we have either used these products ourselves or with our clients. Congratulations to you for starting a training program with your dog. Do you have a favorite you don’t see? Let us know!

Must-Have Training Tools

Here is our cheat sheet for you, for the must-use, need-to-have, items for training.

We are listing Lupine for their 100% Guaranteed product. So when you find your leash or collar chewed up, ripped or torn, return it to Lupine. No questions asked.

Ask your trainer if you will be needing a clicker, if so,
our favorite is listed below.

A training pouch can hold all your necessities for having a successful session with your dog. Great for group class or training sessions at home. 

New Puppy

Great for our littlest clients. Keep them safe and learning good house manners right away!

Multiple chews can help you keep your pup busy while you get ready for work, take a shower or get a meal on the table for the family. Do not forget to buy more than one! It’s fantastic to have your Kongs prepped and ready for the week. Store in the fridge or freezer.


Prep yourself for the fun you are about to have with your dog! Teaching your dog manners, means more out and about time together. Training rewards are teeny-tiny bites to give your dog for the right responses to your cue. Not mealtime, just small acknowledgements.

Walking Tools

We do enjoy using a good waist leash – look ma no hands!

Distance & Recall Skills

Great for working on your Coming when Called

Brain Games

Easy ways to enrich your dog, every day. For any new toy or chew, always supervise to see make sure your dog interacts with the object safely.