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“We love Kissable Canine. We started going when Bouba was 2 months old for puppy social. It’s free and a great way to get your puppy socialized with others dogs. We loved how the play was still structured with the trainer observing and providing guidance and tips. It really teaches owners how to be responsible dog owners.”bouba
Sarah C, Bouba
“Our story began with a 1:00 a.m. return home with two Great Danes, bonded siblings from a West Virginia farm, and foreigners to collars, leashes, hardwood floors and stairs. And afraid of just about everything. They both became AKC Canine Good Citizens- which never would have happened without the expertise and guidance from KissAble Canine- and lived happily ever after. Thank you Lisa !!!!”danny-ripley
G Sturm, Danny and Ripley
“Thanks to a combination of both excesslt group puppy classes and individualized instruction at home, we have a dog who is well-behaved and lots of fun. Having owned and loved previous dogs, we began taking classes with KissAble Canine and the talented Lisa Tudor because there is always something new and helpful to learn about animal behaviors. We will continue to participate in instruction and activities because we are all enjoying the experience so much!”riley
C Stebbins, Riley
“Thank you so much for coming out. I feel really confident now that if we just continue working on training that we can get through this. Things are better already.”gryffin
Toni A, Gryffin

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  • Responsible Dog Walking

Responsible Dog Walking

What is Responsible Dog Walking?

A recent discussion on a neighborhood list serve brought up a debate about picking up your dog’s poop. Some owners use other lawns to potty their dog and as long as they picked it up, thought it was fine. Other neighbors thought that lawns are […]

60 seconds at a dog park

In my 10 minutes watching from the outside of a dog park this past Saturday morning, I whipped out my iPhone to start taking video. Let’s be very clear, if it was awesome, healthy, happy, play, I would have also taken video. But it wasn’t and, not to ruin […]

Did Sheldon Cooper get it wrong?

I am a late adopter of Big Bang Theory. I mean why haven’t I been watching this show for years? The upside? I have years of reruns to watch in the middle of the night or at odd times. If I stumble upon the show there is a good chance I […]

What is the best breed?

Is one of the first questions I get asked when a family is looking to bring a dog home.

The short answer: It’s less about type of dog but how the dog behaves in and around your family, environment and lifestyle.

Sure, I can sterotype a bunch of breed-types but I also […]

  • Swim like a DAWG!

Swim like a DAWG!

Catch my article in NoVA Dog Magazine’s summer issue? Well ya should! There is a contest going on so you win a free swim at the Clifton farm. Simply share a picture of your dog this summer around water.. in any way, by August 1st. You will be entered […]

How to feed your dog

Three quick and different ways to feed your dog. Ditch the bowl and feed your dog like the opportunistic, scavengers that they are!

Have a cool way that you feed your dog? Don’t hesitate to share.



  • Thank You Cards – KissAble Canine version

Thank You Cards – KissAble Canine version

Thank you to my dog, Betty, who will quickly run to me after a poop  because a little got stuck and I have to pull the rest out.

Thank you neighbor for muzzling your dog on your walk for reasons I can only guess but your dog will drop from heat […]

The F – word in Dog Training

In honor of National Dog Bite Prevention Week 2014, I thought I would write about the word I hear the most when a client first calls me about an issue:  “My dog is fine when ___(insert situation here)_____.”

I don’t blame the person for saying it, but it is an incomplete […]