Learn Online. Mobile Training.

KissAble Canine Online (KCO) offers training and behavior modification services without needing to come to our training classroom. We deliver personal consultation involving video conferencing, instructional videos, lesson plans and review of video submissions.

KCO Clients have access to their online training as needed. This means you can always refer back to your training in the middle of a practice session or for the life of your dog.

Online Learning is great for..

  • starting out on the right foot with your new puppy or newly adopted dog
  • targeting nuisance behaviors such as barking, house training, digging in the yard
  • introducing or fine tuning dog manners whether novice or advanced
  • keeping the dog busy through tricks or scent detection skills (Nose Knows)
  • discussing more challenging behavior modification situations such as reactivity or aggressive behaviors

KCO Pricing

Online 1  Hour Session, $100

For new clients, this session includes orientation to how we work, outlining your training needs, establishing goals, identifying management strategies and installing initial cues to start workin on right away. Follow-up sessions may include a warm up of past skills, advance or introduce new skills to include discussion previous behavior modification concepts. This session is 60 minutes.

Online 30 minute Session, $55

This session is to review and build upon previous training and behavior modification skills. Ideal for a video review or consultation on one topic.

KCO Requirements

  • Camera and microphone capabilities
  • Google Chrome
  • Sufficient Internet service
  • Open space to view human student training the dog

KCO is accepting new clients. To begin you can register as a new client here: New Client   or complete the contact form below to have a trainer reach out to you. Once registered, we can discuss a time to meet that works for you and any caregivers you would like to involve. The trainer will schedule this time and prep you for your session with an orientation email.