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The more the merrier!

Learning abounds in a group class environment. All our classes are taught through the use of positive reinforcers (treats, play, & praise). Come and watch your dog increase responsiveness and keep focused all while being around other dogs. Adult dogs should be fully vaccinated. Read the class descriptions below to see what we offer. Our group classes are held at the Veterinary Holistic Center at 7950 Woodruff Court, Springfield, VA 22151.

Please note that we are not offering in person group classes at the moment.

Classes Offered:

Puppy Play & Learn

Puppies under 5 months old will have the opportunity for a variety of interaction and training. More than just a puppy party!  We’ll address the major puppy rearing topics and learn puppy training games. Classes are instructor-led and a mix of play and training.

  • prerequisite – first two distemper boosters
  • meeting for 50 minutes, every Sunday at 9:30a
  • $35/class or buy a 6 class pass for $180


Good Manners Classes

Did you just bring a new dog home? Perfect first step is our Beginner Manners.

Beginner Manners

Learn how to teach your dog good listening skills beyond the classroom. Skills taught include: sit, down, stay, leave it, drop it, go to bed, come, and loose leash walking. We include practicing nice greetings (no jumping) and may troubleshoot other nuisance behaviors like barking or house training.

  • no skills prerequisite
  • meeting for 50 minutes, weekly, for 5 weeks
  • $225

Advanced Manners

Continue reliability to cues listed in Beginner Manners but now with distractions, with cuing from a distance and with more duration – we build up towards a 3 minute stay! We include Heel work and our full three-step protocol for getting a speedy recall.

  • prerequisite – Beginner Manners or equivalent course
  • meeting for 50 minutes, weekly, for 5 weeks
  • $200



Mind & Movement Classes

Mind & Movement classes are a series of classes that work on your dog working their brain and brawn at the same time, the most effective energy burn for your dog.

Agility Games

We bring in all the fun in this class full of games working brain and brawn. Work towards mastering multiple obstacles.

  • prerequisite – Beginner Manners or equivalent course
  • meeting for 50 minutes, weekly, for 5 weeks
  • $200

Doggy Tricks

Keep the fun going by playing with your dog in a whole new way. Students get to pick the tricks to work on from a list of cute and clever skills to earn your Novice Trick Dog title. This class is designed for dogs of all ages and abilities.

  • prerequisite – Beginner Manners or equivalent course
  • meeting for 50 minutes, weekly, for 5 weeks
  • $195
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Reactive Dog Class

Does your dog lunge, bark or otherwise ‘reacts’ to the presence of other dogs? If so, this is an excellent group class option.

Reactive Dog

Learn about our Reactive Dog Toolkit in this class that allows us to create controlled setups and practice being around other dogs without having an outburst. You will be guided through establishing long-term adjustment of your dogs reactive behavior towards other dogs. This class is limited to 4 dogs.

  • no skill prerequisite, but some basic obedience strongly recommended
  • not a class for human-aggressive dogs
  • meeting for 50 minutes, weekly, for 8 weeks
  • $415

Advanced Reactive Dog

Using the skills from the Reactive Dog Toolkit, you and your dog will continue the training journey and gain additional skills to practice in closer proximity to dogs. We will be mostly outdoors and possibly in other locations, to be determined by the lead trainer.

  • prerequisite – Reactive Dog class
  • not a class for human-aggressive dogs
  • meeting for 50 minutes, weekly, for 5 weeks
  • $250
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Therapy Dog Classes

Interested in utilizing your dog in a therapeutic way? These classes are the foundation to preparing your dog for canine assisted activities.

Canine Good Citizen Prep

We target the the skills required to pass the AKC’s CGC 10 test items. This class includes the CGC test

  • prerequisite – Beginner Manners or equivalent course
  • meeting for 50 minutes, weekly, for 6 weeks
  • $215

Therapy Dog Team Coaching

Wondering how best to partner with your therapy dog in session? Looking to support your clients using dogs to facilitate learning or healing?

Training for dogs that are already part of a therapy dog team and are actively working in a school or work setting. This coaching service supports your animal-assisted activity by troubleshooting dog issues or outlining skills and activities to support your goals and objectives for your program

  • hourly instruction for personalized coaching and support
  • $95/session
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Nose Knows – scent detection class

Nose Knows classes teaches your dog and you to identify and alert to specific odors. Have a dog that needs some confidence? Looking to do a fun sport that doesn’t require expensive equipment, this is an excellent outlet using your dog’s brain and natural abilities.

Nose Knows Beginner

This level starts strengthening your dog’s seeking drive and odor recognition while working on teamwork and confidence. Also available as an online course.

  • no prerequisite
  • meeting for 1 hour, weekly, for 5 weeks
  • $200, inperson
  • $75, online learning class

Nose Knows Advanced 

Building on the beginner level, we add more complex environments with searches inside and outside of buildings. Additional, unique, odors may be introduced.

  • prerequisite is Nose Knows Beginner or equivalent course
  • meeting for 1 hour, weekly, for 5 weeks
  • $200

Nose Knows Traveling Class

Hitting the road with your scent detection skills! Pushing you and your dog’s abilities to find odor in locations away from the classroom. Sites you may visit include auto shop, pet store, office building and more.

  • prerequisite is Nose Knows Beginner and approval from instructor
  • meeting for 1 hour, weekly, for 5 weeks
  • $200
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Workshops & Seminars

Group learning with lots of hands-on instruction that targets a specific training issue. Workshops meet once, unless otherwise noted. Have a club or group of people interested in animal behavior? Have a workshop idea? Email us at